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Fingerprint Pendants - each one is as unique as the person who's print is used to create the pendant.

Are you looking for a way to keep the ones you love close?

Something that is unique to you and them?

Fingerprints are unique to each and everyone, no two are the same. So imagine wearing a pendant with your child’s, partner’s, parent’s or even grandparent’s fingerprint on it. What a hugely personal way to remain connected and to keep them close to your heart.

With such personal detail, fingerprint pendants make a truly gorgeous keepsakes that you will treasure forever.

Our fingerprint jewellery options

Precious Imprints NZ Jack and Lily

Necklaces & Pendants

Fingerprint Heart Stacking Rings


$130. Fine Silver fingerprint key ring

Key Rings & Gifts

Precious Imprints Fingerprint Cuff Links

Cuff Links

Custom Fingerprint necklace

Custom Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Created in a Sterling Silver “clay”, there are 2 ways to create your fingerprint jewellery.

IN PERSON:  – available in the Auckland region only

When created in person the fingerprint is placed directly into the clay which is then shaped and fired. During the firing process the clay burns away and the Silver fuses together creating your final piece.

Therefore your pendant is created from the very piece that was touched by the one you love.


You create a black ink print of your loved ones fingerprint and then either scan or post to me.

This ink print is turned into a stamp, which is then pushed into the silver clay. The clay is shaped and fired causing the silver to fuse together and create your final piece.

*NB: These 2 techniques create quite different looks – please feel free to email me for examples 


Generally our Fingerprint pendants are available in heart, tear drop, circle, square and oval shapes. In small, medium and large sizes

There is also the option of a rectangle and/or Dog Tag shape and cuff links.

However because the pendant starts out as clay, we can shape it to almost any shape you would like.

Small – $100

Medium – $125

Large – $145

Rectangle/Dog Tag – $150

Cufflinks – $230

If you live with in Auckland we can either organise an appointment for you to visit me in my home studio, or for a travel fee, I can come to you

OR you can create an ink print at home and scan or post this to me.