Connected Collection Family Bracelet Set


This Family bracelet set is the perfect way for your entire family to stay connected.

Whether your children get anxious at times or you want everyone to remember they are cherished. These bracelets create a tangible connection reminding you all, that you are always in each others thoughts and in everything you do. Helping to create a sense of “team” and belonging.

Your child’s plaited cotton adjustable bracelet can me created from one of our 8 gorgeous colours, Mums you can choose between a Sterling Silver bracelet with a matching coloured tassel OR a Plaited Black Cord with the colour matching your child’s bracelet plaited through it. While the Dads bracelet is made in a thicker Plaited Black Cord with the chilren’s colours incorporated in it.

The bracelets come on a card with the following message

“Here are some bracelets, for each of us to wear, to keep us connected, even when we’re not there.

I will wear one, and think of each of you, you each wear another, so you’ll think of us too.

Connected by these, together we’ll stay, mindful that each other, is in our hearts all day.

Live, laugh, love and enjoy every day, knowing we are together, every step of the way”

Child’s bracelet – Hand Plaited Cotton, roughly around 25cm long. Classified as ONE SIZE FITS MOST. If the bracelet is too long you can create a knot shorter up the bracelet and trim with scissors.

Mum’s bracelet – choose from a Sterling Silver Fine Ball bracelet with a cotton tassel OR an adjustable Hand Plaited Waxed Cord and Coloured Cotton bracelet. You can choose your Sterling Bracelet size on ordering. The Waxed Cord bracelet is ONE SIZE FITS MOST, again being around 25cm in length. If you would like a longer plaited bracelet please leave desired length in the comment box on ordering.

Dad’s bracelet – Hand Plaited Waxed Cord and Coloured Cotton. ONE SIZE FITS MOST, roughly around 28cm. If you would like a longer please leave desired length in the comment box on ordering.

*Please note showering and swimming with bracelets on is not recommended*

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